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Nickelson Wooster is the Men’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman (and by extension, Neiman Marcus). He is also one of the most inspiringly well-dressed men alive.

Wooster always have an impeccable style, which some of you may think that it is too much. From a feminine color to a very masculine camo-jacket, he can wear it all.

His personal style is a very unique, which I describe as a cross between the bad-ass guy with all the negative signage on his head to a well groomed man that some girls would want to take him home, and introduce him to your parents.

As a Men’s Fashion Director, we can always find his looks in well known blog such as or either in Sartorialist. He’s a commoner on those blogs.

One that we can really tell by his looks is the tons of swag that he has. Man at his age and just because being a man, if we put much thoughts in our style, we can come across as “overdoing” it. But once you put your swag into it, then you’ll see the difference.


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