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Kisah dari Selatan Jakarta

Jika didengar dan disimak dengan baik, kalian akan menyadari bahwa lagu ini setiap kalimatnya di akhiri dengan huruf vokal A.

dan sebenarnya tak ada kisah apapun dari Selatan Jakarta, tempat saya tinggal.


Been listening to it


Jen, Jen, Jenniferr

This is so funny and hot at the same time


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Nickelson Wooster is the Men’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman (and by extension, Neiman Marcus). He is also one of the most inspiringly well-dressed men alive.

Wooster always have an impeccable style, which some of you may think that it is too much. From a feminine color to a very masculine camo-jacket, he can wear it all.

His personal style is a very unique, which I describe as a cross between the bad-ass guy with all the negative signage on his head to a well groomed man that some girls would want to take him home, and introduce him to your parents.

As a Men’s Fashion Director, we can always find his looks in well known blog such as or either in Sartorialist. He’s a commoner on those blogs.

One that we can really tell by his looks is the tons of swag that he has. Man at his age and just because being a man, if we put much thoughts in our style, we can come across as “overdoing” it. But once you put your swag into it, then you’ll see the difference.


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