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This is how my future apartment will look like!

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Movies to watch – Snow White and the Huntsman

This movie is going to come out in summer 2012. By the looks of it, I think it is quite interesting and I really like the movie poster concept. Like a dark fairytale.

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I’m in Sartorialist!


i WAS cool






Jun Seba (瀬場潤 Seba Jun), (February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010) was a Japanese hip hop producer and DJ who recorded under the name Nujabes (NOO-jah-bes), the reverse spelling of his name in Japanese order

Nujabes was one of the most prolific contributors to the background music and soundtracks of Samurai Champloo, an anime which blends a feudal Japan setting with modern anachronism, especially in regard to hip hop culture

On February 26, 2010, Jun Seba was involved in a traffic accident upon exiting the Shuto Expressway late at night. He died at a hospital in Shibuya Ward after failed efforts to revive him. He was 36 years old. There was a private burial with only family in attendance. Hydeout Productions has stated that Nujabes has left behind tracks, which they plan to release in the near future.

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Rest in Peace Nujabes, you’re music will forever be in our heart.





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