I finally got it. sigh.


Do you know La Roux ? Well in case if you don’t, she’s a british singer with such sense of music. Sounds a little bit awkward at first, but then, if you let yourself enjoy it, it might sounds great.

What I’d like to talk about is her music video, I’m not your toy. At first, I don’t get it. Why was all the actor and actress dancing with such weirdness in their faces, like they don’t want the others to see them dancing. It’s like from the neck – up, it’s contolled, like they were having a dinner with president or something,  but neck – down, it’s dancing, like some disco night, and a lame one. It is so funny , I even tried it with some of my friends.

Turns out, it looks like the video was trying to picture what goes on inside someone’s mind, or body, or even soul, when their at some places or spaces anywhere! Some people would try to look calm, and cool, and controlled, with such poised , but on the inside, the feel really awkward! So that is what the video trying to portray. In my own opinion. I finally got it.


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