Mr. Beans’s memorable grand entrance


Do you have any idea, why ,on the tv comedy series, Mr. Bean fell from the sky? It was always like that. At first, I never clearly understand why. But as I’m getting older, it came up to me.

Here’s what I think. The fell from the sky memorable grand entrance, it was trying to picture that Mr. Bean isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen, or heard, or understand. He was an anomaly. That’s why, we can never understand all the strange behaviour he ever did. So sometimes , people may think, ” Who is this guy? Where does he come from? Does he fall from the sky or something? ” That’s the kind of thought they (Rowan Atkinson and producer etc) tried to pull out of your mind.

But, that’s what I think. What do you think ?

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2 responses to “Mr. Beans’s memorable grand entrance

  • niken

    okay, here’s what I thought years ago:
    He’s an alien. Seriously.
    He falls from the sky with that kind of light, definitely an alien.

  • Denny Vee

    Bean had died, gone to heaven and screwed up everyone up there… so he got evicted! Hear even the music playing when he falls,its heaven jus saying goodbye dont ever come back here!!!

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