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vampire weekend jakarta concert

So last Sunday ,I went to VW concert at bengkel night park, Jakarta.


For those of you who didn’t know whose Vampire Weekend is , they are :

Ezra Koenig(lead vocal & guitar) , Rostam Batmanglij(keyboards, guitar, backing vocal), Christopher Tomson(drums and percussion) and Chris Baio(bass guitar, backing vocal) a band from  New York City , USA.

I always find their music is very unique and rich, and I especially loves the moment where they focused the music on just the piano, or the guitar, or on Ezra’s voice. His voice is just as unique as when you hear it on their recording. But it was also hard to listen to his pronunciation sometimes. Even when he talked and greet us. This is why I found him very unique and genuine.

They sang many song , I can barely remember. Some of them are Horchata , Mansard Roof, Cousins, I Stand Corrected, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, M79, Oxford Coma, etc. Sorry, short term memory. Oh, they even sang one of my favorite, California English! hahahah. It was really surreal arrangement of songs. But quite funny. And no they did not. They did not sang Contra, or even my favorite song, Taxi Cab.

I can see that they were having fun up there. Especially Chris Baio. He has this weird-weird dance and foot work. But it was really fun to look at.

Watching their performance really makes me love them even more. I think a vampire started to grow inside of me. hahaahh

Here are some flash of their performance.

Watched it together with the sentimental avanza driver – Sikastiara Wismoyo.



Mr. Beans’s memorable grand entrance


Do you have any idea, why ,on the tv comedy series, Mr. Bean fell from the sky? It was always like that. At first, I never clearly understand why. But as I’m getting older, it came up to me.

Here’s what I think. The fell from the sky memorable grand entrance, it was trying to picture that Mr. Bean isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen, or heard, or understand. He was an anomaly. That’s why, we can never understand all the strange behaviour he ever did. So sometimes , people may think, ” Who is this guy? Where does he come from? Does he fall from the sky or something? ” That’s the kind of thought they (Rowan Atkinson and producer etc) tried to pull out of your mind.

But, that’s what I think. What do you think ?

Mr. Bean’s a stand up comedian

So before we all knew him as Mr.  Bean, Rowan Atkinson was a stand up comedian. You can see it here.

He’s really freakin funny you know.

Thanks to Denise Sosro and Izzan Stoopid.

do you remember ?

Pharaoh’s wife


It’s been a week or so since the last time I posted something. Just some of my drawings. Really need more touch up, though.

She’s the Pharaoh’s Wife. I think.