I’m a Flower’s Generation

Which means, I’m a fan of The Killers, and now Flower’s going solo. Brandon Flowers up and coming new solo album , ” Flamingo”, and this is his first single “Crossfire” . This song is about relationship (so it says), and the actress in it, is Charlize Theron. Good gracious.

His Perspective on His Solo Debut
As a singer ( The Killers), he constantly making ideas for new songs. But it was just being held by all the touring and recording. The rest of the band just won’t take a break and listen to all these new ideas of songs from him.
He said that (from an interview with Nylon Guys Magz), ” There’s a lack of values in the world at the moment, and nothing seems to phase us. Nothing’s shaken us hard enough yet to make us rethink that.” So it seems that this solo album is about life values ? He’s not so sure about it.
The music perspective, as you hear it, doesn’t have a slight difference with The Killers , well, a lot like it , actually. You can still hear the power pop music, the horse riding – like beat (like when you feel that there’a horse running behind you) with a kick of some gospel in it. It’s up beat and it’s fun. I think everyone who is in love with Brandon’s voice is gonna find it interesting. So do enjoy, and bravo Mr. Flowers !

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